For many homebuyers, the purchase of a home represents the single largest investment they may make in their lifetime. Buying real estate can be a complicated process, however, many buyers and sellers choose to embark on this process without the benefit of a qualified professional who will safeguard their interests. In view of the importance of your purchase, the benefits of obtaining legal representation in your real estate transaction are numerous.

Normally, at the closing the seller gives the buyer a deed, which transfers the title to you and warrants your title against claims of other persons. However, you should not accept a deed without a thorough title examination of the property. Title insurance secures your claim to property and protects you against any hidden defects. If you are forced to defend your title in court, the insurer agrees to pay the costs.

Many companies sell title insurance. However, a title agency only prepares documents for closing and issues your title insurance policy - the title agency does not represent your legal interests and cannot give you legal advice. Since your ownership rights must be legally protected, a professional in real estate law is best qualified to issue your owner's title insurance policy. That's your real estate attorney.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you should have a professional on your side who is expert and knowledgeable. Your real estate attorney can protect you and your investment for the future.

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